Day of the Dead Photoshoot Behind the Scenes via Instagram

Once more it’s time for my annual Dia de los Muertos photoshoot to coincide with the exhibit I co-curate at Somarts. As always I worked with my #1 partner in art crime Mayra Ramirez. This is our 3rd Day of the Dead shoot together and I feel like we really hit a nice stride this time around. Joining us was costumer Chloe Rose whose dresses and hair pieces did amazing wonders for us. Below is a small iPhone-shot preview of some of the different looks were working with this year.




1 thought on “Day of the Dead Photoshoot Behind the Scenes via Instagram”

  1. This is exciting! LOVE these photos of Mayra (aka Breezy). Absolutely stunning and I cannot WAIT to see the pieces in the exhibition and the overall event. I will definitely be posting this on the blog AND please send me the press release! I would like to send the info to Jeremy. Again, looking forward to it! 🙂

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