Friday, September 13th! Comic Books as Chicano Theater

cbact05squareI hope to see you all there. This is your last chance for a while to buy my board game prints! Come see stories from Love and Rockets, Superman, and Powers performed by a troupe of performers inside of an art gallery!




2 thoughts on “Friday, September 13th! Comic Books as Chicano Theater”

  1. Reblogged this on Chinchilla Like Tortilla and commented:
    This was such an awesome event. So much fun to do a dramatic reading from comic books with a great cast of characters while the pages of the comics were projected overhead. Also great to see a few families and the look of joy on the kids faces. Such a great night! Congratulations to Rio Yañez for great ideas for events to bring folks into La Galeria de la Raza, including a game night with game boards designed by Rio featuring Selena, Cholas and Dinosaurs OH MY! And for the exhibit of his clever and inspiring art work.

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