Rest in Power Gary Arlington


When my friend Stan Heller texted me this morning to let me know that Gary Arlington had died, I was stunned. With all the talk of gentrification and rapid change in San Francisco, the death of Gary Arlington is truly the end of an era in San Francisco.

For kids like me who grew up in the Mission District, Gary was all of our unofficial Uncle, a Marry Poppins of the ghetto. So much of my childhood revolved around his store, The SF Comic Book Co., the first comic shop in the country. If you read his obituaries, they talk about how Gary was essential to the underground comics movement in the Bay Area. The missing story is how much he meant to the youth of the neighborhood in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. As a kid I spent every Friday after-school squeezed into his shop rubbing elbows with other kids buying X-Men comics, Cholos buying Teen Angel, and old hippies buying underground and independent comics. Gary and his store influenced multiple generations of artists, activists, and troublemakers.

Outside of my parents, Gary Arlington is biggest reason I decided to become an artist. I’m devastated that he’s gone but so grateful for the influence he’s had on my life. Rest in power Gary.


34 in Texas: A Mixtape


Today is my 34th birthday! I’m away from the sweet frigid land of the Bay Area and visiting Texas. This is the first birthday not spent in San Francisco of my entire life. Dang!

Big hugs from San Antonio, here’s a mixtape to celebrate the day. The songs are a few of my favorites of the moment and some classics, all dedicated to people who have made such a difference in my 33rd year on this Earth.



Dia de los Muertos

So much is happening in the world, so much is happening in my life, struggles and triumphs in equal amount. Today I wanted to honor the lives of Allan Sekula, Carlos Batts, and Spain Rodriguez, all amazing artists who have shaped my life and my creative vision. On this Dia de los Muertos I’m sending my thanks and gratitude for the many ways in which they’ve touched me.

These photos from my annual Day of the Dead shoot with Mayra Ramirez are dedicated to them. This year, Mayra and I shot at Somarts and Stern Grove. A complete album of the shoot can be found HERE. Special thanks to Leanne ElRod Rodriguez for being an amazing makeup artist.

And here’s a short video I shot of us having fun behind the scenes:




On the air with Margarita Azucar


Hey everyone, I’ll be live on the air with Margarita Azucar today from noon to 2pm! I’ll be talking about Dia de los Muertos, evictions, and more while sharing some of my favorite songs of the moment.

Listen live here: and 87.9 FM in San Francisco
The show will be archived at:

Thanks to the always amazing Elida for making this possible!



Pocho Adventure Club Game Night!

This Friday! I hope to see you all there!


“Pocho Adventure Club” Game Night

Studio 24 Presents Program

Friday, August 23, 2013 | 7:30 pm

The night will feature original board games designed by Pocho Adventure Club artist Rio Yañez, including Cholas vs. Dinosaurs, in which cholas use their Aquanet saves to sidestep deadly dinosaur encounters.

The night will also feature the debut of two new board games designed by the artist. Game rules to be posted – be sure to bring your game spirit.

facebook listing here:



Allan Sekula: Rest in Power

98099818_baecf1fb0e_oI’m devastated to hear about the death of my mentor Allan Sekula. He was a teacher to both my mother in San Diego and myself at Calarts. He heavily influenced both of our creative visions so much. Rest in power Allan. Thank you for all the ways you’ve touched my family’s lives.