Olmos Famous Episode 2

Katynka Martinez and I are back with the latest episode of our podcast Olmos Famous. In this episode we take a look at season 22, episode 16 of The Simpsons featuring Cheech and Chong. What happens when Cheech Marin tries to educate Homer on Chicano art? Does Springfield’s Latino population live in East-Springfield? What inspired the psychedelic sequence in the episode? Listen and find out!

Olmos Famous Episode 2

Extra bonus: Here’s the Olmos Famous *exclusive* side-by-side comparison of the Simpsons’ version of Xavier Viramontes’ Boycott Grapes print and the original.

Stay tuned for more Latino media commentary and witty banter!



Podcast Episode #8: The Sunnyside Gardener & River Rio

Two weeks ago I was a guest on KPFA’s Ritmo de las Americas. Alongside Professor Katynka Martinez (AKA The Sunnyside Gardener) we had our playlists broadcast by DJ Rosi Reyes. It was a great night of music, cheap beer, and delicious chile rellenos cooked by Rosi. Episode 8 of my podcast is our segment on the show, give it a listen below.

Podcast Episode #8: The Sunnyside Gardener & River Rio


CuCu Diamantes & Los Tucanes de TijuanaEl Burrito (Nortec Panoptica Remix)

Up, Bustle & OutCumbion Mountain (Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah Remix)

Up, Bustle & OutBlue Night / Mavi Gece

Ivo Meirelles & Funk’n LataBaile Funk Medley

La Santa CeciliaChicle

The Armenta BrothersMiss Jenny

You can listen to Ritmo de las Americas every Saturday from 7:00PM – 9:00PM on KPFA 94.1FM.



Podcast episode #6: Natalia LaFourcade and the Pocho Hall of Fame

Sometimes it ain’t easy being a 4th generation Chicano. As down as I try to be my deceitful tongue outs me as a pocho every single time. When I went to the Natalia LaFourcade concert this past Monday they announced that she would sign copies of her album at her merchandise table after the concert. While most of the adults I went with hung out with Bang Data after the show I got in line with all the teenagers to have my CD autographed.When it came time for me to meet Natalia she took my pronunciation of “Rio” to be “Real” and signed my CD accordingly.

Usually my awkward moments of pochismo happen with friends or with Spanish speakers that I  meet over mundane circumstances but this was my first moment of pocho embarrassment with a celebrity. Listen as the events unfold in the latest episode of my podcast which features Margarita Azucar, Rosi Reyes, DJ Aztec Parrot, and special guest star Natalia LaFourcade.

Careless Whispers Episode 6

Video footage of my moment of pocho infamy is below.



Pocha Catalana Adventures in the Mission – With Podcast

I wrote earlier about my excitement and anticipation in meeting poet and performance artist Rakel Delgado. Rakel hails from Spain but considers herself a Chicana and presents her own unique brand of Chicana poetry, identity, and aesthetics. Needless to say this challenging identity piqued my curiosity very quickly and when I found out she was coming to San Francisco to perform I jumped at the opportunity to meet her.

I had many great adventures with Rakel and gave her the official pocho tour of the Mission District. On her first day in the city my homegirl Robynn Takayama arranged for me to interview Rakel for the San Francisco Arts Commission’s official podcast. To read more about Rakel’s performance at the Mission Cultural Center CLICK HERE. Listen to the podcast episode below; not only does it include my interview with Rakel but a hilarious performance by Guillermo Gomez-Peña as well.

Deep Roots Episode #4

At the Floricanto event I shot a video of Rakel performing her Chicana poetry. Check it out below.

It was a fascinating pleasure to hang out with Rakel Delgado in San Francisco and hope she can make it back here soon. From one Chicano to another, homegirl is legit in my book. Watcha!