Reclaiming the Animated Gif via Gemini

If you’ve been following my twitter or twitpic streams you’ve noticed that I’ve taken them to using them as a platform to publish animated gifs that I’ve shot with my iphone. The images below have been taken using Gemini for the iphone, my earlier gifs were taken using an app named 3D camera but Gemini has allowed me to do a lot of great street reporting on the spot.

Aside from my twitpic/twitter feeds I have a gallery of select gifs on flickr. Twitpic doesn’t allow embeds so the below gallery of images are all from flickr. If you’re viewing this blog through facebook or some mobile devices you won’t be able to see them move. Check out the original post at

Fire in Chinatown
The Beauty of 24th and Mission at Night
Laundry Time
Passing me by...
Muni Scene: 26th and Mission
Rene walking down Valencia
Thrifted, loaned, and pawned




Reclaiming the Animated Gif Part 3

In these early days of May there’s a lot pushed on us that will supposedly make me proud to be Mexican (er, Chicano). I can appreciate the politics of May 1st but when it comes to Cinco de Mayo I usually associate it with simplifying history, beer ads, and drunk college kids. I’m all for gettin’ sauced up now and then but please don’t do that shit in the name of my people.

That said, what’s made me proud to be Mexican American recently is the work of Mexican artist Jaime Martinez. With all the writing I’ve done about animated gifs so far I was excited to discover that these works of art were done by a Mexicano. I’m not sure what technique he uses for capturing his images, if he’s quick on the draw with the shutter or he uses multiple cameras. His methods give them the visual depth of old fashioned stereograms.

According to his site, Jaime Martínez was born in Monterrey México (1978) and he is currently living in Mexico City. His art sheds light on the potential of animated gifs. These mind-blowing images are truly state of the art. Enjoy.



The Difficulties of Being a Latina Hipster

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m officially declaring my love of Holly Valentine from Hyper Crush. I’m bummed that I missed their show last night in San Francisco. This video illustrates the difficulty of being a Latina hipster. No matter how much of an ironic hipster you are, being bilingual and code-switching is still a novelty that will get you mocked. You can see the look of inner-turmoil on Holly’s face as Preston and Donny clown her, it’s burning with angst and conflict.

Seriously though, I love Hyper Crush. I can’t front either, I mess with Mariela all the time when she speaks Spanish on the phone (especially with her mom). She and Holly both can code-switch like seasoned pros; I am merely a humble pocho.

Hyper Crush are also leading the charge in reclaiming the animated gif. Someone on their team has amazing gif making skills, the second one will give you a seizure: