Reporting from the front lines of the Mission District

This is Rio Yañez reporting from the front lines of the Mission District with some photos and chisme straight from the street!

There’s a new comic shop/gallery in the Mission and it just opened last week! Mission Comics and Art is located at 3520 20th street off Mission. The owner Leef was really friendly and we quickly struck up a conversation. It’s inventory is mostly graphic novels as opposed to individual issues, this is a smart business model to me and seems to be the way of the future for comics.

The gallery of Mission Comics and art featured about four different artists. I would love to show some work on these walls.

Somebody is appropriating Annie Sprinkle’s image for street art around the Mission. I found this one on 24th street near Bartlett. Sprinkle is a Bay Area icon and fucking with her is playing with fire if you ask me. I’m curious to see how this story develops. Can anyone confirm if the text says pobresita or pobresito?

Fuck that grizzly bear! The real state icon that deserves to be on the California flag is a pair of Chuck Taylors! I spotted this shirt hung outside one of the many Asian export shops that line 20th and Mission. Whoever designed it is a genius in my opinion. As Cindy Mosqueda mused about Chicanos: We love Chuck Taylor’s. Oh, simple, canvas tenís. Such a timeless sole. The element I identified with the most is the fact that the Chucks are hanging from the heart as if they were flung over a phone wire. Back in the day the phone lines on my block (and blocks throughout the Mission) had dozens of old pairs of shoes hanging from them at any given time. One of the surest signs of gentrification in the Mission during the late 90’s was that there were no more neighborhood kids flinging their old shoes for shits and giggles anymore.

After watching the San Francisco episode of No Reservations I have been very tempted to eat an infamous Cuban Torta from That’s It Market on 23rd and Mission. I used to buy lucha libre magazines from this place and had never thought of actually eating here but now my curiosity has been piqued. Has anyone out there actually eaten a Cuban from That’s It?

I spotted this shirt on 25th and Mission. There are a lot of Nicaraguan festivals coming up all around the Bay Area and the Mission District seems to have caught the fever. For those of you that don’t know, Nacatamales are Nicaraguan tamales with slightly different ingredients. Don’t tell anyone but I like them better than Mexican tamales, shhhhhhh!

And finally, I want to share this video of one of my favorite Mission-based artists Mona Caron. In a moment of hybridity Mona was featured on a recent newscast of VOAchina. I’m excited to see that her work is getting the recognition it deserves. You can see the mural she painted of 24th street that I appear in at 3:36.

That’s it for now. Tune in next time for more news and chisme from around the Mission District!




4 thoughts on “Reporting from the front lines of the Mission District”

  1. Right on carnal. I remember the two comic book stores on 23rd St. w/ that white boy pelon- Scott que no? That vato at the liquor store sub-leases to 2-3 raza merchants… I love it imnigrantes helping imnigrantes. And finally a Mexicano giving props to the nacatamal!

  2. I’m feelin that Cali shirt…and yes, I have much love for a pair of Chucks…alas, my heart will always be with a simple black pair of Vans. Slip ons…unless I need to throw down, classic black with four eyelets.

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