Feel Good Inc.

Things are going right all around me. I feel that my job at SOMArts is starting to take shape once again. For the first time in a long time our team is lean, mean, and exciting.

This past week we welcomed our newest employee Ed Varga. Ed is the primary producer of the Homo A Go Go festival and I have him to thank for bringing Girl in a Coma to my place of employment (and for namechecking SOMArts in Butt Magazine, holla!). Ed and his co-producer/partner Corrie put on the most well organized and ass kicking event I’ve ever experienced at SOMArts. The funny thing is that before he was hired, there was a lot of internal discussion at work about what went so right with Homo A Go Go and how we could replicate that with other large-scale events.

I’m really looking forward to working with Ed and hope this all means that Homo A Go Go (and its great crew) will be coming back to SOMArts next year. Welcome to the fam Ed!

Elsewhere, another SOMArts co-worker of mine Dion Decibels was recently photographed by the brilliant Amanda Lopez. Dion is a DJ and audio producer extraordinaire and Lopez is one of my favorite photographers out there. It was great to see the two intersect.

Lastly, I want to give a shout to Jiz Lee. She is a former employee of one of SOMArts’ resident virtual cultural centers and is currently blowing up in the independent porn scene. The following links are for the grown and sexy only, so be warned. I just discovered her blog and news that she’s collaborating with my homegirl (and art subject) April Flores.

I still run into Jiz at SOMArts and events around the city and I’m thrilled at her success. Big ups Ms. Lee!




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