Late Nite Swoon

I’m in the midst of writing of a late night session of writing an artist statement, framing prints, uploading photos and mentally preparing to finish deinstalling my Day of the Dead exhibit tomorrow.  I’m throwing a buncha photos up on my flickr page at this very moment, check them out here.

Lately Mariela has been honing her makeup skills and making me sit through countless youtube makeup tutorials. As a result I’ve picked up a good appreciation of creative makeup artistry. That’s why I’m hella fo’ sho’ swooning over youtube user toffeeappleleaves for her makeup tribute to my favorite superhero and comic book character of all time: Rogue.

*Le Sigh* If you know me, you know how iconic and special Rogue is to me. The yellow and green color palette that toffeeappleleaves uses is based on Rogue’s 90’s era costume color scheme (created by artist Jim Lee). This popular look for Rogue was immortalized in Fox’s X-Men the Animated Series and that’s the show she references in the clip above. Her tutorial for creating the look is below.

Okay, enough slacking, I’m gettin’ back to work,



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