Skulls of Oakland

The artwork above is by the fascinating and amazing Denise Silva Cortes. I came across it while dropping artwork off for Rachel-Anne Palacios’ Ofrendas Para los Muertos-from Oakland, with love exhibit. I love that as playful as her portrait of Frida is, there’s still a hint of mortality with the skull forming in the smoke of her cigarette. I’ve been following Denise’s work and writing for a while and I’m really looking forward to meeting her at the opening of the exhibit. I’ll be showing four pieces of my own in the show, portraits of my homegirl Rachel.

The reception is next Thursday and I’ll be all up on the scene dipped in Vaseline just like Mickey Avalon. The details are below (and peep the work by Lupe Flores). Hope to see you all there!

7327_190988474255_610344255_3980230_1097298_nAfter dropping off my artwork I met up with Mariela and we wandered the nearby Oakland City Center in search of some lunch. After eating some corporate Mexican food we took some photos before parting ways to go to work.

Now that my own Day of the Dead exhibit is down there are a lot of exciting projects that I can resume working on. Just tonight I’m making new plans with Maya Escobar to continue our Acctiones Plasticas Purikura series. Stay tuned!




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