The Greatest Line Ever Spoken

The setup: I’m listening to The Jade Pyramid, the latest Doctor Who audio book read by Matt Smith himself (natch). About 20 minutes into the story I hear Matt Smith speak perhaps what will go down as the greatest line ever:

…he reminded her faintly of A.A. Milne’s Eeyore or Morrissey with a lethally sharp sword.

06 The Jade Pyramid-Track

That’s right, Doctor Who himself namechecks Moz and Eeyore when describing a brooding Japanese warrior. Aside from giving me an epic Chicano nerd boner it inspired the artwork above. How could I resist the siren song of a Morrissey reference in a Doctor Who story, let alone Eeyore? If you want to hear the rest of the story you can buy The Jade Pyramid as either a Digital Download or Physical CD via Amazon.

Bowties are cool,


Last Days for A Sensory Feast

There are only a couple of days left for Somarts’ A Sensory Feast: Art, Food and Asian American Identity. It’s been one of my favorite exhibits to come through the space in a long time. One of the installations in the show is a collection of food-related costumes by artist Amy M. Ho. Over the course of the show I’ve had fun trying on some of the costumes and last week the one and only Mayra Ramirez dropped by Somarts and rocked the pizza gear. Here are some photos from our hijinks with the show.




Pueblo Nuevo Gallery and curator Mayra Ramirez are proud to present “SUAVECITO” an art show mixing the old and the new from a barrio near you …

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about the good old days when the homies couldn’t wait for it to be the weekend to take their rides out for a cruise with their rucas, and danced the night away to oldies but goodies? We know we do!!! And speaking of rucas, this show is dedicated to the backbone of every man in the barrio, Las Chicanitas!!! We dig your style!!!

Cruise on by, chill with the homeboys and homegirls, listen to some oldies, and check out the beautiful arte from these firme Chicano artist…

Art work by:

El Angel
Rio Yañez
Felipe Vazquez
Jaime Salazar

Live screen printing by: Franklin Cartagena

Curated by: Mayra Ramirez

We hope you can make it… we promise you some good times!!!
Stay Firme and Keep It Suavecito!!!



The Great Tortilla Conspiracy this Friday at OMCA

Please join us for a Political Poster Jam on Friday, February 25th at OMCA from 8 to 11pm. We’ll honor the power of political graphics and the Museum’s recent acquisition of a major collection of political posters.
8pm – 11pm Printing Demonstrations:
San Francisco Print Collective – print your own screenprint!
The Great Tortilla Conspiracy – Edible tortilla prints and new technology of food breakthroughs in honor of African American History!
Eddie Colla – cut your own stencil!
9pm Discussion:
Emory Douglas, former Black Panther Ministry of Culture
Favianna Rodriguez, artist/activist
Lincoln Cushing, poster archivist
moderated by Carol A. Wells, director of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics
We’ve commissioned a special poster for the event by Jesus Barraza of Dignidad Rebelde, and he’ll be giving away signed prints to a lucky few.
DJ music by Amoeba Records and food and drinks by the Museum’s Blue Oak cafe.
The Poster Jam is part of the Museum’s quarterly O Zone festival, happening that same night. Among other things, the evening includes live performances with master drummer CK Ladzekpo and Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble, and a gallery talk with artist and historian Duane Deterville.
More info here:
All programs included with museum admission ($12 regular/$9 student). Come early and stay late!

Lost in Translation with Ana Tijoux

I had a great time this past Saturday at the Ana (er…Anita?) Tijoux show at New Parish. Almost everyone I know has a huge crush on her and it was a thrill to see her rock the mic in person.

Between songs Ana shared some interesting stories about her time in the United States and her hip-hop influences. I was able to capture this hilarious story of her collisions into language barriers and a tribute to radio host Davey D.

Of course no outing would be complete with some animated gifs of Ms. Tijoux in action.

Ana also has a brand new mixtape out that you can download for free by clicking HERE.



Bomberas over the Bay

I’m really proud and excited to announce that I’m entering into a creative partnership with Las Bomberas de la Bahia. I’ll be producing a series of artworks of the group and the first of which is below.

I’ve written about Las Bomberas BEFORE and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come between us.




Purikura Scavenger Hunt Blitz!

This past weekend I ventured to Pika Pika in Japantown to compete in their very first scavenger hunt. Joining me were the Calitexican, poet Abraham Velazquez, and theater masterminds Sarah Guerra, Melinna Bobadilla, and Dorothy Martinez. Sarah and I joined together as a team under the name Tokyo Sucka Punch and hit the ground running.

After the scavenger hunt we had a marathon purikura party lasting for several hours.One of my favorites was the gory scene to the left below conceived and executed by Melinna.

And here’s a video of how it was made:

Of course I couldn’t resist taking some animated gifs so here are a few of the crew in action at Pika Pika.

Last but not least I compiled a video of all of our in-booth hijinks below.



El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my friends,  lovers, and drunken makeout partners! El Rio’s Valentine’s Day Cards are back for 2011 like a Sir Mix-A-Lot song! This is the 5th year of my cards and it’s turned into my longest running project. Enjoy!

As always, please post these cards on the pages of your online friends, real life enemies, booty calls, baby daddies, and friends with benefits. To see an archive of cards from years past CLICK HERE.


Peace and Love,