Open Studios

Rene and I will be exhibiting some recent works at SOMArts this Saturday and Sunday from 11:00AM to 6:00PM. We’ll be serving up some wine and snacks, come one by and hang out with us.

Hope to see ya there!



Sapo Verde!

Just wanna take a moment to wish the lovely Meligrosa a happy birthday! Sapo verde homegirl!



KPFA Adventures with Animated Gifs!

This past Saturday, after recovering from opening night for our Day of the Dead exhibit, I ventured to KPFA in Berkeley to hang out with DJ Rosi Reyes and DJ Aztec Parrot.

I was there to shoot some promo photos for Rosi and had a great time listening in on her show Ritmo de las Americas. While I was there I decided to shoot some animated gifs as well.

I had lots of fun and Rosi was kind enough to take my request to play my current musical obsession: Clorofila’s BabyRock Rock.

That’s it for now, this is Rio signing off!


Day of the Dead Opening Reception Animated Gifs

Wooohooo! It’s been a crazy last 72 hours leading up until tonight. I’ve felt a lot of love and support these last few days as I’ve worked my tail off to get the show up. Tonight was a dream come true. As I type these words it’s almost midnight and I’m still at SOMArts, facing the monumental task of turning off all the multimedia components of the exhibit. To stall for a moment I thought I’d share these animated gifs that I shot tonight.


Meligrosa dancin' like a superstar



Ms. Rosi Reyes and the Calitexican



DJ Aztec Parrot in the house



Yawning and Earrings



ADM! Calitexican and Meligrosa!






Amongst the Clouds




Social Media Swoon on the Nortec Tip

To say that Clorofila’s “BabyRock Rock” is my jam of the moment is an understatement. I am completely obsessed with the song and have been looping it on my ipod whenever I go out for a walk. It’s one of those songs that I know I’ll associate with this phase of my life for years to come.

In one of my dorkier moments of artistic crushing I sent a friend request on facebook to the song’s vocalist Fernanda Karolys. She accepted and much to my surprise she “liked” my link to a live version of the song. It made my night. *Le sigh.*

Here is the live video I shared the link to. It’s truly a masterpiece in my humble opinion.

Peace and Nortec,


Podcast Episode #8: The Sunnyside Gardener & River Rio

Two weeks ago I was a guest on KPFA’s Ritmo de las Americas. Alongside Professor Katynka Martinez (AKA The Sunnyside Gardener) we had our playlists broadcast by DJ Rosi Reyes. It was a great night of music, cheap beer, and delicious chile rellenos cooked by Rosi. Episode 8 of my podcast is our segment on the show, give it a listen below.

Podcast Episode #8: The Sunnyside Gardener & River Rio


CuCu Diamantes & Los Tucanes de TijuanaEl Burrito (Nortec Panoptica Remix)

Up, Bustle & OutCumbion Mountain (Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah Remix)

Up, Bustle & OutBlue Night / Mavi Gece

Ivo Meirelles & Funk’n LataBaile Funk Medley

La Santa CeciliaChicle

The Armenta BrothersMiss Jenny

You can listen to Ritmo de las Americas every Saturday from 7:00PM – 9:00PM on KPFA 94.1FM.